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CoreWeave Cloud

CoreWeave is a modern cloud infrastructure empowering creators, innovators, and tomorrow's world changers with access to the GPU resources they need to work more efficiently.

1. Obtain Access Credentials

1.1 Navigate to CoreWeave API Settings

1.2 Create a new API Access Token

2. Upload CoreWeave cw-kubeconfig to Zeet

2.1 Navigate to

2.2 Click on "Upload cw-kubeconfig" then select the file downloaded from step 1.

2.3 After the credentials are verified, a green checkmark will appear next to the account.

2.4 CoreWeave Cluster

Your CoreWeave cluster will be automatically connected to Zeet.

3. Configure CoreWeave Cluster


This step is only required if you need to build and deploy apps from GitHub.

3.1 Add a private docker registry

This registry will be used to store build artifacts

3.2 Attach a default container repository to your CoreWeave cluster

4. Deploy To CoreWeave

CoreWeave supports GitHub Deploy, Docker Containers, Database Services, Helm charts and Zeet Templates.

4.1 CoreWeave GPU Cloud

Configure a GPU accelerator for your apps on CoreWeave.

4.2 Check GPU Status

Open the terminal in your project overview page.

Run the nvidia-smi command