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Version: 1.0.0


Zeet's native GitHub integration provides CI/CD out of the box. To deploy a GitHub repo as a project in Zeet, you mist first authorize your Zeet team to install a GitHub App into your account or organization.

You can link multiple GitHub accounts or organizations to the same Zeet Team. You can see a list of all GitHub accounts linked to your Zeet Team in the Integrations tab of your Team Settings.

1. Add New GitHub Connection from Zeet

Navigate to the Integrations tab of your Team Settings. If your GitHub account is not already connected, you can kick off a new GitHub Connection here.

2. Select GitHub User or Organization

Select the user or organization you want to authorize Zeet with.

3. Save GitHub App Permissions

Save your GitHub permission preferences. You can choose to deploy either all repositories or selected repositories with Zeet


After saving and granting Zeet access to your GitHub account or organization, you can return to Zeet and see the account linked. You can choose to link another account or organization to Zeet if required.