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Version: 1.0.0

What is Zeet?

Zeet is a Deployment Platform for Kubernetes that is layered over your Cloud Account, making it easy to deploy and manage applications and infrastructure.

Zeet simplifies infrastructure operations, complete with CI/CD, change tracking, preview environments, autoscaling, metrics, notifications, and more.


Here is a list of documents and resources available for you to learn more about using Zeet.

  • Guides: Step-by-step guides for deploying applications and infrastructure on Zeet.
  • Reference: Detailed reference documentation for Zeet.
  • API: Detailed documentation for the Zeet GraphQL API.
  • CLI: Detailed documentation for the Zeet Command Line Interface.
  • Zeet Tutorials: Video tutorials and walkthroughs for Zeet features.
  • Support Center: Reach out to Zeet's Support Team through the in-app support center.
  • Zeet Helpdesk: Helpdesk containing FAQs and common issues.
  • Contact Us: Get in touch with us to discuss your use case in more detail.


Our docs are organized by the foundational concepts of how Zeet helps you deploy and operate infrastructure. Review the options below to guide you to the appropriate pages.

Zeet ProjectA Zeet Project represents one workload in Zeet - roughly equivalent to a Github repo. We support 6 Project Types, for everything from Service Containers to Terraform Modules.
Source CodeExplore supported source code systems and how to integrate them with Zeet.
Cloud PlatformsDive into comprehensive documentation on integrating Zeet with various cloud providers.
DeploymentsDeployments track each Build + Deploy for Service Containers and Job Containers. Explore CI/CD, Preview Branches, and Rollbacks.
ConfigurationDocumentation for configuring settings for each of your Zeet Projects.
ObservabilityDocumentation for configuring logging, metrics, notifications, and more for your Zeet projects.
NetworkingDocumentation for configuring your Service Container Project's Networking settings, including Custom Domains, Auto-CDN, and Multi-Cluster SSL.
RegistryManage and utilize container registries with Zeet.
Security & ComplianceEnsure security and compliance in your Zeet Projects with comprehensive insights and guidelines.
TroubleshootGuides and best-practices for troubleshooting and debugging your Zeet Projects.
Platform Engineering GuideAdvanced guides designed for Platform Engineering teams.

Try it out

To get started with using Zeet, check out our Getting Started Guide 🚀.