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Zeet Project

Zeet is a software platform on top of your AWS or Google Cloud account that makes it easy for any developer to deploy code on production-grade infrastructure.

A project on Zeet defines all the configurations required to deliver your apps from source to production. A project is the highest level of organization on Zeet. Projects contain Environments, which contain Apps. For more information about how your Zeet project is organized, read Organization.

Types of Apps

An App on Zeet is the lowest level of organization. This refers to a singular component of your codebase - such as your Database, API, or Frontend. The following section describes different types of Apps on Zeet and how you can deploy them.

1. Application

Application could be anything from static website, backend API, job workers to open source project. There are a few different options to deploy apps on Zeet.

  • Deploy your app as a Docker container running in Kubernetes clusters managed by Zeet.

  • Deploy your app in Serverless mode to cloud platforms like AWS and GCP.

  • Deploy Helm chart to Kubernetes clusters connected to Zeet

  • Deploy App Template - customizable template made of Zeet projects.

  • Build your apps to private container registries.

2. Database

Zeet has first-party database deployment and management for these data services.

  • MySQL - SQL based relational database

  • PostgreSQL - SQL based relational database

  • MongoDB - NoSQL document store

  • Redis - high performance in-memory data cache

Zeet's native databases are powered by cloud services from AWS/GCP or Docker containers in Kubernetes clusters.

You can always deploy custom database as normal application backed by persisted volume or even a Helm chart.

3. Infrastructure

For more advanced cloud resource management, you can use Zeet's native IaC framework support.

  • Terraform - Open-source infrastructure as code (Public Alpha)

  • CloudFormation - Infrastructure automation platform for AWS (Enterprise Preview)

  • Pulumi - Modern programming language for provisioning cloud infrastructure (Enterprise Preview)

You can enjoy the same Auto CI/CD, branch preview and source-to-cloud integration with these IaC frameworks.

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