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Version: 1.0.0

What is Zeet?

Zeet is a Developer Platform layered over your Cloud Account, making it easy to deploy and manage applications and infrastructure.

By empowering Developers to self-serve production-ready infrastructure and enabling Platform Engineers to control available infrastructure, Zeet fosters higher levels of iteration and collaboration within your team.

Why Zeet?

1. Security and Comfort of your own Cloud/ Cluster

Zeet helps you deploy your Projects into your own Clouds and/ or Clusters. This way, you own all your infrastructure and data. Zeet streamlines your production lifecycle, allowing you to deploy production-grade infrastructure into your own cloud in seconds. No hidden costs, resources, or shenanigans. You have complete visibility into every resource that we create on your behalf.

Concerned about security? Many of our customers have SOC-2 and HIPAA certifications. Contact us for assistance with any cloud certification!

2. Multi-cloud with ease

Making the move from PaaS to owning your infrastructure, but don't want to get locked into a Cloud Provider? No worries, with Zeet you can deploy to AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Coreweave, Linode, and the list goes on ...

Moving your Projects from one Cloud Provider to another is just a matter of a couple of clicks in Zeet. Start developing without the fear of vendor lock-in!

3. Scale without breaking a sweat

A viral tweet attracts tens of thousands of new users? With Zeet's auto-scaling, we'll ensure that you're never suffering from success. Or take things into your own hands and set-up fine-grained configuration for Resources & Replication for your applications.

4. API, for everything you can imagine.

Hardcore devs don't own a mouse. Why waste time clicking away at yet another dashboard when you can write code to spin up Projects, tweak settings, and scale to infinity! With Zeet's extensive API and CLI, you'll never have to open your browser again.

I'll do you one better. How Zeet?

Interested? Thought as much.

Explore our Docs to understand how you can leverage Zeet to unlock the power of your cloud.

For personalized guidance, you can Book a Demo with us and we'll help you jump to lightspeed! 🚀