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Version: 1.0.0

Zeet Project Types

What are Project Types?

Project types refer to the different categories of Projects that Zeet supports. Each type is tailored to specific use cases, offering a streamlined approach to deploying and managing various different types of cloud infrastructure.

Available Project Types

Zeet currently supports the following project types:

How to Decide Which to Use?

Consider your project's requirements and characteristics:

  1. Running applications and services with Service Containers, Job Containers, and Serverless Functions.

    • If your application needs continuous service, consider a Service Container.
    • For short-lived tasks or batch processing, opt for a Job Container.
    • For event-driven or stateless applications, choose Serverless Functions .
  2. Deploying infrastructure using Terraform, Helm, and Kubernetes Manifests.

    • Terraform is used for deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules.
    • Helm Charts and Kubernetes Manifests are ideal for deploying packaged Kubernetes applications.