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Version: 1.0.0

Status of Project

What does the status of my project mean?

From the time you create your project, Zeet tracks progress of your project in real time. Below is a chart to help you decipher what each status means.

Status IndicatorDescription
Build AbortedThe deployment was manually aborted by a user. The most recent successful deployment remains deployed.
Build FailedAn error occurred while building your project. Project was not deployed. See build logs.
Build QueuedYour project is waiting for the build job to start.
Build SucceededYour project successfully built.
BuildingThe build job is running.
Container PullingKubernetes is fetching container images from a container registry to run them within the cluster
Deploy CrashingYour project is deployed. However, runtime issues are causing your container to crash. See deploy logs.
Deploy FailedAn error occurred while deploying your project. Project was not deployed. See deploy logs.
Deploy StoppedA deployment that has been stopped because it was replaced by a newer deployment.
Deploy QueuedYour project is waiting for the deploy job to start.
DeployedCongratulations. Your project is deployed and running
DeployingThe deploy job is running
DraftProject has never been deployed. You may trigger a workflow to deploy the project.
Health CheckingKubernetes is running a series of readiness probes (startup, liveness, and readiness).
InactiveYour project was deployed but the container is now missing from Kubernetes. The container may have been manually deleted.
Node ProvisioningNode Provisioning can take up to 30 minutes and will usually resolve itself without any manual intervention. However, if you encounter timeouts and failures during this process, you may check the cloud quota limit, you may be reaching your cloud resource capacity (may switch from spot to on-demand), or you have reached your node group capacity
Pending ApprovalYou must manually approve the plan (view plan logs) in the workflows tab. You may toggle off "Deploy Protection" to skip manual approval.
PausedThe project is not running. Project was manually paused by a member on your team and can be unpaused by navigating to the Danger Zone tab.
Pending Healthy ClusterThe first time you deploy a project to a cluster that is not healthy, the project will remain in this state until the cluster is healthy at which point your project will automatically be deployed.
UnknownZeet is unable to reach your project and cannot determine the status.