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Version: 1.0.0


Blueprints are a structured layer encapsulating Infrastructure as Code (IaC), providing templates that detail a Project's configuration. They specify the Source, Target, Inputs, and actions required for deploying a Project via Zeet. Teams can use Zeet's Blueprints to streamline their deployment workflow and iterate exponentially faster.

In simpler terms, Blueprints are templates that define how a Project is deployed using Zeet.

Zeet offers an array of official Blueprints OOB, including but not limited to, Blueprints for Helm Charts, Terraform Modules, Serverless Applications, Container Applications, and Docker Images. You can find all available Blueprints on the Zeet Marketplace.

Blueprints for Developers

Whether you are deploying an Official Zeet Blueprint or a Custom Blueprint, the road to deploying your Project is the same! Navigate to the Create New menu to find a list of all Blueprints available to your team. By default, you should be able to deploy any Official Zeet Blueprint. However, your Admin can Enable/ Disable these Blueprints for your team to use. If you see a Blueprint that is not enabled for your team that you would like to use, contact your Zeet Team Admin to get it enabled!

To view all Custom Deployables created by your team, click the tab with your team name.

From here, you can pick a Blueprint to continue configuring it for deployment. For more information on configuring your Blueprint, check out our Guides available for all Zeet Official Blueprints!

Blueprints for Platform Engineers

As a Platform, Infrastructure, or DevOps Engineer, you can determine the Blueprints available for your Developers, enabling you to manage the infrastructure they can create and utilize.

Additionally, you can develop Custom Blueprints to package reusable infrastructure components, making them readily accessible for your Developers to deploy as Projects.