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Achieving SOC2 and HIPAA Compliance with Zeet

Many customers leverage Zeet to set up a secure and compliant architecture, meeting the requirements of SOC2 and HIPAA standards. In this document, we outline key aspects of Zeet's approach to security, compliance, and the tools available for customers to build and maintain compliant setups.


SOC2 Certification

Zeet has achieved SOC2 Type 1 certification, which rigorously assesses the security processes and internal controls implemented by Zeet. This certification ensures that our platform adheres to industry-standard security practices.

Ownership of Your Cloud

At Zeet, we strongly believe in giving customers ownership of their cloud environment. Here's how we ensure this ownership:

  • Infrastructure Deployment:

    • Zeet deploys all infrastructure within the customer's cloud account.
    • No infrastructure is placed outside of your account, ensuring complete control.
  • Data Residency:

    • Your data and applications stay within your cloud environment, providing enhanced security.
  • Logging and Monitoring:

    • All logs are stored within your cloud environment using CloudWatch or Cloud Monitoring. Logs can optionally be forwarded to third party tools such as Datadog, Betterstack, LogDNA, etc.
    • Zeet also sets up a Prometheus instance in your cluster for advanced resource monitoring.
    • This approach enhances visibility and control over your environment.
  • Compatibility with Compliance Tooling:

    • Zeet supports existing compliance tooling such as Vanta, Drata, AWS GuardDuty, etc.
    • Customers can seamlessly integrate Zeet into their compliance workflows.
  • Control with Cloud's Built-in Tools:

Transparency in Architecture

Zeet's product architecture is designed for transparency. Zeet's templates for zeet-managed clusters are open source, allowing customers to audit and understand the underlying configurations. Customers can also "eject a cluster" and modify these templates to meet their specific requirements.

For more information about Zeet's cluster templates, please refer to out Platform Engineering Guide. Zeet also provides specific integrations guides for various cluster.

Explore Integration Options

If you would like to review integration options or discuss your compliance and security requirements further, our team is ready to assist. Contact us to initiate a discussion tailored to your specific needs.