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Create New AWS / GCP Serverless Project

Deploying your first serverless project to your preferred cloud with Zeet is fast and simple. There's no need for custom configuration or sdk integration. Your project will scale-to-zero which means you will not be charged until there's traffic. Let's get started. When you deploy your project, Tweet @zeet_co and we'll send you a free Zeet t-shirt!

1. Create a Team

You will be required to create a team which will enable you to group projects together, collaborate with your peers, and manage access to users. To create a team, click your avatar in the navbar then click "New Team". Enter a unique team name and your billing email.

2. Setup Project

Fork our official Node Express Starter on GitHub or use your own. You can deploy any of the following:

  • Any HTTP Service
  • Any Dockerfile
  • Any Static Site

3. Start Project

Click here to begin a new project

4. Project Source

Select Github as your project source.

5. Select Repository

  • Select the project that you want to deploy from the repository list.
  • Note, if you have not already connected your github account, you will be prompted to connect it now

6. Select Serverless

7. Review

  • Give your project a unique name
  • Review project details

8. Connect AWS or GCP account (if not done already)

Connect Zeet to your preferred cloud provider