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Version: 1.0.0

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is an automation and CI/CD service on GitHub used to build, test, and deploy code. Zeet supports triggering and running GitHub workflows for repos of linked Projects.

Marketplace Actions

Zeet Run

The Zeet Run GitHub Action allows you to run a job in Zeet directly from your GitHub workflow. This can be particularly useful for running jobs on demand. Here's an example of how you can integrate it:

- name: Run command
uses: zeet-co/zeet-run-action@v1
deploy_key: ${{ secrets.ZEET_TOKEN }}
project: zeet-demo/zeet-demo-node
command: whoami

Zeet Deploy

The Zeet Deploy GitHub Action allows you to fire a new deployment for your Zeet Project directly from your GitHub repository. This action simplifies the process of continuous deployment, allowing you to deploy your latest commits to a specified Zeet project without leaving GitHub. Here's an example of how you can integrate it:

- name: Deploy Project
uses: zeet-co/zeet-deploy-action@v1
deploy_key: ${{ secrets.ZEET_TOKEN }}
project: your-username/your-project-name

Supported Context variables

Zeet currently supports the following context variables.



Here is an example use case that displays the deployment URL on a successful deploy.

name: test
on: [deployment_status]
# only runs this job on successful deploy
if: github.event.deployment_status.state == 'success'
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Print Environment URL
run: echo Environment URL ${{ github.event.deployment_status.environment_url }}

- name: Run test
run: curl ${{ github.event.deployment_status.environment_url }}