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Compute & Memory

When you deploy a project with Zeet, you deploy it onto a cluster on your cloud provider. A cluster is not the same abstraction as a server — you might be familiar with an EC2 instance — and as such configuring compute resources is a more flexible process.

Like a server instance or your own personal computer, a project's compute has CPU cores and RAM. Zeet offers preset server resource sizes that closely match what cloud providers offer and are smart defaults for many projects. (sentence here about choosing how much to configure, it seems hard)

As your project is run on a cluster, you have options that traditional servers cannot provide, including:

  • Fractional CPU cores: You can configure two projects to each use .5 of a CPU core, or divide the core even further, to save money on projects with minimal infrastructure needs.
  • Outsized Memory: If you need an unusual amount of memory compared to compute resources, that's ok! You can configure as much memory as you need without overpaying for extra CPU cores.
  • High-Availability Spot Instances: Zeet automatically spins up new spot instances as needed to keep your project at a consistent resource level. While long-running tasks still require uninterrupted processing, this is a great way to save money on websites and other projects that are a good fit for spot instances.