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Version: 1.0.0


Revisions are a system for preserving immutable, point-in-time historical states of various Zeet Entities, such as Cloud Accounts, Clusters, Custom Blueprints, and Projects within Zeet. They enable efficient tracking of changes and facilitate monitoring and management of your infrastructure.


Currently, Zeet Supports revisions for Clouds, Clusters, Custom Blueprints, and Projects.

Viewing Revisions

To see the Revisions for your Zeet Entity, navigate to the Entity of interest and click on the Revisions tab. From this tab, you can easily view all the changes made to the Entity, as well as who made them and when the changes were made.

Here, you can click on any specific Revision to view the entity's state in simple JSON and easily compare different Revisions by examining the JSON serialized configuration.

Use Cases

Revisions prove incredibly useful when you are looking to understand infrastructural changes and troubleshoot or test. Here are some common use cases that Revisions excel at:

  • When you want to look through historical changes of a Zeet Entity.
  • When you want to make sure that you made the right changes to a Zeet Entity and they were properly submitted.
  • When your new builds or deploys are failing and you want to know what changed.
  • When you want to emulate the behavior of a previous configuration of a Zeet Entity.
  • When you want to restore an older configuration of a Zeet Entity.