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Version: 1.0.0

Datadog Monitoring / Logging Integration

Zeet supports first party Datadog monitoring and logging integration.


Datadog Monitoring APM is only available for teams on the Zeet PRO Plan. For more information, please refer to our Pricing page

1. Obtain Datadog API Key

Navigate to Datadog API Keys in organization settings

2. Add API Key to Zeet

Navigate to the Integrations tab under your Team Settings and find the Datadog integration under Observability.

Zeet will automatically operate Datadog Kubernetes agent on all your clusters with the provided API key

3. Enable Logging for specific Projects

Zeet offers a per-Project toggle that allows you to selectively ship your Project logs to LogDNA. To enable DataDog forwarding for your Project, navigate to the Logging & Monitoring tab in your Project setting. From here, you can select DataDog under the Logging Provider dropdown and provide your Datadog API Key and Ingest Region.