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Version: 1.0.0

ZeroSSL Certificate

Every Zeet manage Project receives automatic free HTTPS certificate provided by Let's Encrypt

ZeroSSL can be used if you have advanced requirements like these

  • Longer certificate expiration time (> 30 days)

  • High volume certificate issuing

  • Multiple Wildcard Certificates

  • Enterprise SLA Requirement

You can use Zeet's first party integration to obtain certificates from ZeroSSL

1. Obtain ZeroSSL API Key

Navigate to your ZeroSSL Developer settings

2. Select ZeroSSL as your certificate issuer on Zeet

Navigate to Advanced Networking section of your Project config

Select zerossl-prod as the certificate issuer.

After redeploying your Project you should see ZeroSSL issued certificate on the Project endpoint

3. Select Your ZeroSSL Plan

Different ZeroSSL plan provides different level of feature sets.

For example, in order to use wildcard certificates you have to select the Premium plan.