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Version: 1.0.0

DigitalOcean Container Registry

Add a DigitalOcean registry integration to Zeet.

A container registry integration can be used to

  1. Store the build output of your GitHub apps

  2. Deploy private container images to your cluster

1. Create DigitalOcean Credentials

2. Connect DigitalOcean Registry with Zeet

Navigate to Zeet settings

  1. Name is used to identify the registry

  2. Use as the registry url for DigitalOcean

  3. Enter DigitalOcean access token in both username and password.

3. Use DigitalOcean to store build artifacts

Attach a container repository to your Zeet cluster

Navigate to

Put in a repository name e.g.

Now you are ready to build and deploy GitHub apps to your Zeet cluster.

4. Deploy Private Container Images

In your Zeet project settings, select the private registry credentials from the DigitalOcean registry integration