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Version: 1.0.0


No description

type WorkflowRun {
id: UUID!
sequence: Int!
workflowId: UUID!
id: UUID!
): WorkflowRunStep!
steps: [WorkflowRunStep]
status: WorkflowRunStatus!
current: Boolean!
createdAt: Time!
updatedAt: Time!
finishedAt: Time

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.sequence ● Int! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.workflowId ● UUID! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.step ● WorkflowRunStep! non-null interface ● UUID! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.steps ● [WorkflowRunStep] list interface

WorkflowRun.status ● WorkflowRunStatus! non-null enum

WorkflowRun.current ● Boolean! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.createdAt ● Time! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.updatedAt ● Time! non-null scalar

WorkflowRun.finishedAt ● Time scalar

Returned by

submitWorkflow mutation

Member Of

BuildRun object ● DeployRunStep object ● DestroyRunStep object ● Workflow object ● WorkflowRunConnection object