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type Cluster {
id: UUID!
name: String!
region: String
state: ClusterState!
private: Boolean!
connected: Boolean
cloudProvider: CloudProvider
clusterProvider: ClusterProvider
awsAccount: AWSAccount
gcpAccount: GCPAccount
doAccount: DOAccount
cwAccount: CoreWeaveAccount
linodeAccount: LinodeAccount
cloudAccount: CloudAccount
namespace: String
domain: String
ingressIP: String
ingressDNS: String
clusterIssuers: [String!]
prometheus: Prometheus
grafana: Grafana
staticIPs: [String!]
kubeconfig: String
containerRepository: String
containerCacheRepository: String
containerRegistry: ContainerRegistry
input: ProjectsInput
): ProjectConnection
customDomains: [ClusterCustomDomain!]
addOns: [ClusterAddOn!]
createdAt: Time!
updatedAt: Time!
network: Network
machines: [Machine!]

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar ● String! non-null scalar

Cluster.region ● String scalar

Cluster.state ● ClusterState! non-null enum

Cluster.private ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Cluster.connected ● Boolean scalar

Cluster.cloudProvider ● CloudProvider enum

Cluster.clusterProvider ● ClusterProvider enum

Cluster.awsAccount ● AWSAccount object

Cluster.gcpAccount ● GCPAccount object

Cluster.doAccount ● DOAccount object

Cluster.cwAccount ● CoreWeaveAccount object

Cluster.linodeAccount ● LinodeAccount object

Cluster.cloudAccount ● CloudAccount union

Cluster.namespace ● String scalar

Cluster.domain ● String scalar

Cluster.ingressIP ● String scalar

Cluster.ingressDNS ● String scalar

Cluster.clusterIssuers ● [String!] list scalar

Cluster.prometheus ● Prometheus object

Cluster.grafana ● Grafana object

Cluster.staticIPs ● [String!] list scalar

Cluster.kubeconfig ● String scalar

Cluster.containerRepository ● String scalar

Cluster.containerCacheRepository ● String scalar

Cluster.containerRegistry ● ContainerRegistry object

Cluster.projects ● ProjectConnection object

Cluster.projects.input ● ProjectsInput input

Cluster.customDomains ● [ClusterCustomDomain!] list object

Cluster.addOns ● [ClusterAddOn!] list object

All configured cluster add-ons, whether currently enabled or disabled

Cluster.createdAt ● Time! non-null scalar

Cluster.updatedAt ● Time! non-null scalar ● Network object

Cluster.machines ● [Machine!] list object

Returned by

addCluster mutation ● createCluster mutation ● linkCloudToCluster mutation ● updateCluster mutation ● updateClusterDomain mutation

Member of

AWSAccount object ● ClusterCustomDomain object ● ClusterDomains object ● CoreWeaveAccount object ● Deployment object ● DOAccount object ● GCPAccount object ● IPFSService object ● KubernetesRuntime object ● LinodeAccount object ● Machine object ● Network object ● Replication object ● Repo object ● User object