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Version: 1.0.0


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type JobRun {
id: UUID!
state: JobRunState!
command: String!
exitCode: Int
logs: Logs
name: String!
): [Metric!]
errorMessage: String
createdAt: Time
updatedAt: Time

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar

JobRun.state ● JobRunState! non-null enum

JobRun.command ● String! non-null scalar

JobRun.exitCode ● Int scalar

JobRun.logs ● Logs object

JobRun.metrics ● [Metric!] list object ● String! non-null scalar

JobRun.errorMessage ● String scalar

JobRun.createdAt ● Time scalar

JobRun.updatedAt ● Time scalar

Returned by

runJob mutation

Member of

BlueprintDriverActionExecution object ● User object