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Version: 1.0.0


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type BuildDefinition {
id: UUID!
revisionMetadata: RevisionMetadata!
revisionData: JSON!
buildClusterId: UUID
target: BuildTarget
type: BuildType
engine: BuildEngine
nodeJsVersion: String
pythonVersion: String
golangVersion: String
staticPath: String
dockerfilePath: String
dockerfileText: String
workingDirectory: String
buildCommand: String
testCommand: String
runCommand: String
noBuildCache: Boolean
autoRetry: Boolean
kanikoFlags: [String]

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar

BuildDefinition.revisionMetadata ● RevisionMetadata! non-null object

BuildDefinition.revisionData ● JSON! non-null scalar

BuildDefinition.buildClusterId ● UUID scalar ● BuildTarget object

BuildDefinition.type ● BuildType enum

BuildDefinition.engine ● BuildEngine enum

BuildDefinition.nodeJsVersion ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.pythonVersion ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.golangVersion ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.staticPath ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.dockerfilePath ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.dockerfileText ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.workingDirectory ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.buildCommand ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.testCommand ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.runCommand ● String scalar

BuildDefinition.noBuildCache ● Boolean scalar

BuildDefinition.autoRetry ● Boolean scalar

BuildDefinition.kanikoFlags ● [String] list scalar

Member Of

Build object ● BuildDefinitionConnection object ● BuildRun object