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Version: 1.0.0

API Use Cases

This document outlines the use cases for different entities within Zeet's GraphQL APIs. Below are the entities, the recommended API version for each, and examples of how to perform CRUD operations.

API v1 Use Cases

Terraform, Helm, and Manifest Projects

Recommended API: API v1

Terraform, Helm, and Manifest Deployment Configurations

Recommended API: API v1

  • Read: To read deploy configurations, use the project.deploys query.
  • Update: To update a deploy configuration, use the updateDeploy mutation.

Terraform, Helm, and Manifest Workflow Runs

Recommended API: API v1

API v0 Use Cases

Service Container, Job Container, Serverless Function

Recommended API: API v0

Repo Deployment Runs

Recommended API: API v0

  • Build and Deploy: To create a new deployment, use the buildRepo mutation.
  • Deploy: To create a new deployment (production branch), use the deployRepo mutation.
  • Deploy Branch: To deploy a preview branch (non-production branch) of an existing Repo, use the deployRepoBranch mutation.
  • Rollback: To rollback a new deployment, use the rollbackProjectToDeployment mutation.
  • Read: To read deployment details, use the repo.deployment query.
  • List: To read deployment details, use the repo.deployments query.
  • Abort: To abort a deployment, use the abortBuild mutation.