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type Team implements ProfileOwner, ProjectOwner {
id: UUID!
login: String!
name: String!
avatar: URL
user: User!
awsAccounts: [AWSAccount!]
parent: Team
children: [Team!]
members: [UserTeamEdge!]!
memberInvitations: [TeamMemberInvitation!]!
input: ProjectsInput
): ProjectConnection!
plan: Plan!

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar

Team.login ● String! non-null scalar ● String! non-null scalar

Team.avatar ● URL scalar

Team.user ● User! non-null object

Team.awsAccounts ● [AWSAccount!] list object

Team.parent ● Team object

Team.children ● [Team!] list object

Team.members ● [UserTeamEdge!]! non-null object

Team.memberInvitations ● [TeamMemberInvitation!]! non-null object

Team.projects ● ProjectConnection! non-null object

Team.projects.input ● ProjectsInput input

Team.plan ● Plan! non-null object


ProfileOwner interface

ProjectOwner interface

Returned by

acceptTeamMemberInvitation mutation ● addTeamMember mutation ● createTeam mutation ● removeTeamMember mutation ● team query ● updateTeam mutation

Member of

Team object ● TeamMemberInvitation object ● User object ● UserTeamEdge object