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Version: 1.0.0


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type Deploy {
id: UUID!
name: String!
branchName: String
revisionId: UUID
sequenceId: Int
): DeploymentConfiguration
page: PageInput
): DeploymentConfigurationConnection
input: PageInput
): DeployRunConnection

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar ● String! non-null scalar

Deploy.branchName ● String scalar

Deploy.configuration ● DeploymentConfiguration object

When querying history by revisionId or sequenceId, only the revisionMetadata and revisionData will be available, when querying the current configuration (neither revisionId nor sequenceId is specified), all fields except revisionMetadata and revisionData will be available.

Deploy.configuration.revisionId ● UUID scalar
Deploy.configuration.sequenceId ● Int scalar

Deploy.configurationRevisions ● DeploymentConfigurationConnection object

Only the revisionMetadata and revisionData will be available. ● PageInput input

Deploy.runs ● DeployRunConnection object

Deploy.runs.input ● PageInput input

Returned by

createDeploy mutation ● updateDeploy mutation

Member Of

DeployConnection object ● Team object