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input UpdateClusterInput {
id: UUID!
kubeconfig: Upload
name: String
containerRepository: String
containerCacheRepository: String
containerRegistryID: UUID
addOns: [UpdateClusterAddOn!]

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar

UpdateClusterInput.kubeconfig ● Upload scalar ● String scalar

UpdateClusterInput.containerRepository ● String scalar

UpdateClusterInput.containerCacheRepository ● String scalar

UpdateClusterInput.containerRegistryID ● UUID scalar

UpdateClusterInput.addOns ● [UpdateClusterAddOn!] list input

The new configuration for cluster add-ons. When this field is provided (i.e. not-null), it must include all cluster add-ons present in Cluster.addOns, even if some of the add-ons are not being modified.

This is because once an add-on is added to a cluster, it cannot be removed, only disabled.

Member of

updateCluster mutation