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Version: 1.0.0


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input BlueprintVariableInput {
specId: UUID
name: String
value: VariableValueInput!
type: BlueprintVariableType


BlueprintVariableInput.specId ● UUID scalar

ID of the corresponding variable spec. Must be present if name is not specified. ● String scalar

Name of the corresponding variable spec, or name to use when declaring a variable without referencing a variable spec. Must be present if specId is not specified.

BlueprintVariableInput.value ● VariableValueInput! non-null scalar

The variable value. Always a string value, which will be parsed according to the variableType, determined either by the referenced variableSpec, or the provided variableType

BlueprintVariableInput.type ● BlueprintVariableType enum

Type specification is required when variable is being declared without referencing a variable spec.

Member Of

DeploymentConfigurationInput input