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Version: 1.0.0


No description

input BlueprintDriverActionInput {
groupID: UUID!
driver: BlueprintDriver!
action: BlueprintDriverAction!
parameters: Object


BlueprintDriverActionInput.groupID ● UUID! non-null scalar

BlueprintDriverActionInput.driver ● BlueprintDriver! non-null enum

BlueprintDriverActionInput.action ● BlueprintDriverAction! non-null enum

BlueprintDriverActionInput.parameters ● Object scalar

Action-dependent input for the action execution

Because GraphQL does not support Input Unions, this field cannot be statically type-checked. To document the structure for this field, we publish the input types in this schema. For example, if you are issuing the APPLY action to the TERRAFORM driver, look for TerraformPlanActionParameters.

Member of

executeBlueprintDriverAction mutation