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Version: 1.0.0


Zeet's pipelines feature enables you to configure triggers and actions on Environments and Resources so that you can automate repetitive workflows.

For example, you can connect a Build Job to an environment you have in Zeet so that a single successful build triggers every single Project in the environment to deploy. No more redundant re-building of hundreds of Resources!

To configure a pipeline for your Project, navigate to Settings -> General of your Project's dashboard. Scroll down to the "Pipeline Config" section (this setting is currently only supported for Build Jobs).

  • Source Event is the Project event that you want to listen to. Actions will be triggered when this event occurs on the current Project.
  • Target Type lets you specify Project, Environment, or Project.
  • Target ID is the ID of the specific Project, Environment, or Project that you would like to target.
  • Target Action is the action you would like to perform whenever the source event is triggered.

In order to find the ID of an Environment or Project, navigate to the API tab of your Environment/ Project settings.


We currently only support the "Build" source event, "repo" and "environment" target types, and the "Deploy" target action. More events, actions, and Project types are coming soon.