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Version: 1.0.0


Zeet supports building of apps to private container registries or registries connected to your Kubernetes clusters.

You can build any application written in any framework or language as a Docker container to any container registry you have added to Zeet.

To create a build, navigate to or select "Build Container Image" in the "Create New" button on Zeet's dashboard.

Select a GitHub Repository

Connect to GtiHub account and select the GitHub Repository you want to deploy

Choose Target Registry

Null registry means that build artifacts will not be pushed to any registries. This is useful if you want to test your build configuration without storing any build artifacts.

Cluster registry refers to registries that are connected to any clusters you have on Zeet.

Container registry refers to a private container registry you have registered on Zeet.

Configure Build Pipeline (Optional)

Zeet allows you to configure a pipeline such that successful project builds will trigger re-deploys across groups of resources, such as an environment in your Zeet dashboard. Learn how to configure your build pipeline here.