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Version: 1.0.0

Installing the Zeet CLI

The zeet-cli is maintained on Github.

macOS (Homebrew)

Using Homebrew:

brew install zeet-dev/tap/zeet

Linux, macOS (Github Releases)

First, determine the latest release:

Set this release version number (no "v" prefix) for subsequent steps to use:

# this variable must not have the "v" prefix
# for macOS on apple silicon, use zeet_${ZEET_CLI_VERSION}_darwin_arm64.tar.gz
export PLATFORM="darwin_arm64"
# for macOS on intel, use zeet_${ZEET_CLI_VERSION}_darwin_x86_64.tar.gz
export PLATFORM="darwin_x86_64"
# for armv6, use zeet_${ZEET_CLI_VERSION}_armv6.tar.gz
export PLATFORM="linux_armv6"
# for arm64, use zeet_${ZEET_CLI_VERSION}_linux_arm64.tar.gz
export PLATFORM="linux_arm64"

Now, download the latest release for your system:


Then, extract the file:

tar -xf "./zeet_${ZEET_CLI_VERSION}_${PLATFORM}.tar.gz"

Finally, move the binary into your path:

mv ./zeet /usr/local/bin

Windows (Github Releases)

First, determine the latest release:

To download the latest release, set $ZEET_CLI_VERSION equal to the version number of the release (without the "v" prefix).

The following is a Powershell example of installing the zeet-cli:

Invoke-WebRequest$ZEET_CLI_VERSION/zeet_$ -OutFile ~zeet_$

Then, extract the binary:

Expand-Archive -Path ~\zeet_$

Finally, open a PowerShell window with administrator access, and move the binary into your system's PATH by running:

New-Item -ItemType Directory $env:ProgramFiles\zeet\
Move-Item -Path ~\zeet_$ZEET_CLI_VERSION_windows_x86_64\zeet.exe -Destination $env:ProgramFiles\zeet\
[EnvironmentVariableTarget]::Machine) + ";$env:ProgramFiles\zeet\",
$env:Path = [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path","Machine")

Next steps

To login to the Zeet CLI, check out Authenticating