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Version: 1.0.0


Zeet supports deploying and managing Terraform infrastructure

Terraform enables you to provision, change, and version Projects in any environment.

Zeet Terraform Deploy lets you deploy a terraform module without specifying any state backends.

The terraform state and required backend will be automatically injected into your module configuration.

Deploy Terraform Module

Navigate to Terraform Deploy at

Enter a Github Repository with Terraform Module

Here are some sample repositories to get you started:

Select the Cloud Account you are using


AWS Cloud is required for Terraform Deploy

The terraform states will be automatically stored in your cloud account

For details on how Zeet manages terraform states, see the Terraform Platform Guide

Configure Project Name

Configure Terraform Variables

Zeet provides easy to use interface to configure your Terraform module in JSON format

Deploy Terraform Module

You can create new deployment of the Terraform module in deployments tab