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type Repo {
manifest: Manifest
id: ID!
name: String!
source: RepoSource!
appID: String
enabled: Boolean!
namespace: String
kappID: String
clusterDomains: [ClusterDomains!]
cdns: [CDN!]
envs: [EnvVar!]
replication: [Replication!]
ports: [Port!]
volumes: [VolumeSpec!]
secretMounts: [KubernetesSecretMount!]
manualDeploy: Boolean
autoRetry: Boolean
autoRollback: Boolean
buildMethod: BuildMethod
buildMethodSuggestions: [BuildMethod!]
noBuildCache: Boolean
kanikoFlags: KanikoFlags
resources: ContainerResourcesSpec
buildResources: ContainerResourcesSpec
branchResources: ContainerResourcesSpec
serverlessResources: ServerlessResourceSpec
serverlessRegion: String
readinessProbe: Probe
livenessProbe: Probe
startupProbe: Probe
autoscaling: Autoscaling
preStopSleep: Int
terminationGracePeriodSeconds: Int
staticIP: Boolean
first: Int = 10
after: String
input: DeploymentsInput
): [Deployment!]
id: ID!
): Deployment
branches: [RepoBranch!]
id: UUID
name: String
): RepoBranchV2
productionBranchV2: RepoBranchV2
page: PageInput
input: BranchInput
): RepoBranchConnection
productionBranch: String
productionDeployment: Deployment
githubRepository: GitHubRepository
githubIntegration: GitHubRepoIntegration
gitlabIntegration: GitlabRepoIntegration
helmChart: HelmChart
helmValues: String
terraformVersion: String
terraformVariables: JSON
image: String
collaborators: [ProjectCollaborator!]
collaboratorInvitations: [ProjectCollaboratorInvitation!]
free: Boolean
prometheusScrape: PrometheusScrape
logShipper: LogShipper
kubernetesCustomization: KubernetesCustomization
deployTarget: DeployTarget
deployType: DeployType
canDeploy: Boolean
cluster: Cluster
awsAccount: AWSAccount
gcpAccount: GCPAccount
awsIamRole: String
gcpServiceAccount: String
deployStrategy: DeployStrategy
deployService: Boolean
deployJob: Boolean
cronJobSchedule: String
id: UUID!
): JobRun!
jobRuns: JobRunConnection
hasBuildStage: Boolean
hasDeployStage: Boolean
containerRegistry: ContainerRegistry
databaseProvider: DatabaseProviderType
databaseEngine: DatabaseEngineType
databaseVersion: String
databaseLinks: [DatabaseLink!]!
linkedProjects: [DatabaseLink!]!
databaseEnvs: [EnvVar!]!
disableReason: DisableReason
datadogApmEnabled: Boolean
pipelineCluster: Cluster
defaultIngressDomain: String
project: Project
projectEnvironment: ProjectEnvironment
owner: User!
createdAt: Time!
updatedAt: Time!
buildSpec: ContainerSpec
cpu: String
memory: String
gpu: GPUSpec
tpu: TPUSpec
ephemeralStorage: Float
dedicated: Boolean
deployBranch: Boolean
branchIgnore: String
nodeSelector: JSON
hostNetwork: Boolean
clusterIssuerName: String
path: String!
fullPath: String!
pipelineLinks: [RepoPipelineLink!]
machines: [Machine!]


Repo.manifest ● Manifest object ● ID! non-null scalar ● String! non-null scalar

Repo.source ● RepoSource! non-null object

Repo.appID ● String scalar

Repo.enabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Repo.namespace ● String scalar

Repo.kappID ● String scalar

Repo.clusterDomains ● [ClusterDomains!] list object

Repo.cdns ● [CDN!] list object

Repo.envs ● [EnvVar!] list object

Repo.replication ● [Replication!] list object

Repo.ports ● [Port!] list object

Repo.volumes ● [VolumeSpec!] list object

Repo.secretMounts ● [KubernetesSecretMount!] list object

Repo.manualDeploy ● Boolean scalar

Repo.autoRetry ● Boolean scalar

Repo.autoRollback ● Boolean scalar

Repo.buildMethod ● BuildMethod object

Repo.buildMethodSuggestions ● [BuildMethod!] list object

Repo.noBuildCache ● Boolean scalar

Repo.kanikoFlags ● KanikoFlags object

Repo.resources ● ContainerResourcesSpec object

Repo.buildResources ● ContainerResourcesSpec object

Repo.branchResources ● ContainerResourcesSpec object

Repo.serverlessResources ● ServerlessResourceSpec object

Repo.serverlessRegion ● String scalar

Repo.readinessProbe ● Probe object

Repo.livenessProbe ● Probe object

Repo.startupProbe ● Probe object

Repo.autoscaling ● Autoscaling object

Repo.preStopSleep ● Int scalar

Repo.terminationGracePeriodSeconds ● Int scalar

Repo.staticIP ● Boolean scalar

Repo.deployments ● [Deployment!] list object

Repo.deployments.first ● Int scalar
Repo.deployments.after ● String scalar
Repo.deployments.input ● DeploymentsInput input

Repo.deployment ● Deployment object ● ID! non-null scalar

Repo.branches ● [RepoBranch!] list object

Repo.branch ● RepoBranchV2 object ● UUID scalar ● String scalar

Repo.productionBranchV2 ● RepoBranchV2 object

Repo.branchesV2 ● RepoBranchConnection object ● PageInput input
Repo.branchesV2.input ● BranchInput input

Repo.productionBranch ● String scalar

Repo.productionDeployment ● Deployment object

Repo.githubRepository ● GitHubRepository object

Repo.githubIntegration ● GitHubRepoIntegration object

Repo.gitlabIntegration ● GitlabRepoIntegration object

Repo.helmChart ● HelmChart object

Repo.helmValues ● String scalar

Repo.terraformVersion ● String scalar

Repo.terraformVariables ● JSON scalar

Repo.image ● String scalar

Repo.collaborators ● [ProjectCollaborator!] list object

Repo.collaboratorInvitations ● [ProjectCollaboratorInvitation!] list object ● Boolean scalar

Repo.prometheusScrape ● PrometheusScrape object

Repo.logShipper ● LogShipper object

Repo.kubernetesCustomization ● KubernetesCustomization object

Repo.deployTarget ● DeployTarget enum

Repo.deployType ● DeployType enum

Repo.canDeploy ● Boolean scalar

Repo.cluster ● Cluster object

Repo.awsAccount ● AWSAccount object

Repo.gcpAccount ● GCPAccount object

Repo.awsIamRole ● String scalar

Repo.gcpServiceAccount ● String scalar

Repo.deployStrategy ● DeployStrategy enum

Repo.deployService ● Boolean scalar

Repo.deployJob ● Boolean scalar

Repo.cronJobSchedule ● String scalar

Repo.jobRun ● JobRun! non-null object ● UUID! non-null scalar

Repo.jobRuns ● JobRunConnection object

Repo.hasBuildStage ● Boolean scalar

Repo.hasDeployStage ● Boolean scalar

Repo.containerRegistry ● ContainerRegistry object

Repo.databaseProvider ● DatabaseProviderType enum

Repo.databaseEngine ● DatabaseEngineType enum

Repo.databaseVersion ● String scalar

Repo.databaseEnvs ● [EnvVar!]! non-null object

Repo.disableReason ● DisableReason enum

Repo.datadogApmEnabled ● Boolean scalar

Repo.pipelineCluster ● Cluster object

Repo.defaultIngressDomain ● String scalar

Repo.project ● Project object

Repo.projectEnvironment ● ProjectEnvironment object

Repo.owner ● User! non-null object

Repo.createdAt ● Time! non-null scalar

Repo.updatedAt ● Time! non-null scalar

Repo.buildSpec ● ContainerSpec object

Repo.cpu ● String scalar

Repo.memory ● String scalar

Repo.gpu ● GPUSpec object

Repo.tpu ● TPUSpec object

Repo.ephemeralStorage ● Float scalar

Repo.dedicated ● Boolean scalar

Repo.deployBranch ● Boolean scalar

Repo.branchIgnore ● String scalar

Repo.nodeSelector ● JSON scalar

Repo.hostNetwork ● Boolean scalar

Repo.clusterIssuerName ● String scalar

Repo.path ● String! non-null scalar

Repo.fullPath ● String! non-null scalar

Repo.machines ● [Machine!] list object

Returned by

abortBuild mutation ● addProjectCollaborator mutation ● addRepoCustomDomain mutation ● buildRepo mutation ● copyEnvVars mutation ● createDatabase mutation ● createManifestApp mutation ● createProject mutation ● createProjectDocker mutation ● createProjectGit mutation ● createProjectHelm mutation ● createProjectsFromTemplate mutation ● createProjectTerraform mutation ● createResourceAlpha mutation ● deployRepo mutation ● deployRepoBranch mutation ● disableRepo mutation ● duplicateProject mutation ● duplicateRepo mutation ● enableRepo mutation ● linkDatabase mutation ● migrateGithubConnection mutation ● moveRepoToProjectEnvironment mutation ● reissueCustomDomainCertificate mutation ● removeProbe mutation ● removeProjectCollaborator mutation ● removeRepoCustomDomain mutation ● repo query ● repoUpdated subscription ● rollbackProjectToDeployment mutation ● setRepoEnvs mutation ● transferProject mutation ● updateDatabaseLink mutation ● updateProject mutation ● updateProjectDanger mutation ● updateRepoCustomDomain mutation

Member of

ClusterCustomDomain object ● DatabaseLink object ● Deployment object ● Project object ● ProjectCollaboratorInvitation object ● ProjectEnvironment object ● RepoBranchV2 object ● RepoConnection object ● RepoGroup object ● RepoPipelineLink object ● User object