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type RepoBranchV2 {
id: UUID!
name: String!
state: String
status: String
environmentSlug: String
branchSlug: String
latestDeployment: Deployment
page: PageInput
): DeploymentConnection
endpoints: [String!]
privateEndpoints: [String!]
loadBalancers: [LoadBalancer!]
name: String!
): [Metric!]
image: String
namespace: String
kappID: String
patchedPodSpec: String
patch: String
): String
awsLinks: AWSLinks
gcpLinks: GCPLinks
repo: Repo
createdAt: Time!
updatedAt: Time!
resources: [CloudResource!]

Fields ● UUID! non-null scalar ● String! non-null scalar

RepoBranchV2.state ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.status ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.environmentSlug ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.branchSlug ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.latestDeployment ● Deployment object

RepoBranchV2.deployments ● DeploymentConnection object ● PageInput input

RepoBranchV2.endpoints ● [String!] list scalar

RepoBranchV2.privateEndpoints ● [String!] list scalar

RepoBranchV2.loadBalancers ● [LoadBalancer!] list object

RepoBranchV2.metrics ● [Metric!] list object ● String! non-null scalar

RepoBranchV2.image ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.namespace ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.kappID ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.patchedPodSpec ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.renderPodSpec ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.renderPodSpec.patch ● String scalar

RepoBranchV2.repo ● Repo object

RepoBranchV2.createdAt ● Time! non-null scalar

RepoBranchV2.updatedAt ● Time! non-null scalar

RepoBranchV2.resources ● [CloudResource!] list object

Returned by

updateBranch mutation

Member of

Repo object ● RepoBranchConnection object