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type CustomDomain {
id: ID!
domain: String!
cnameTargets: [String!]
ipTargets: [String!]
isApex: Boolean!
disableCertManager: Boolean
certManagerChallengeType: CertManagerChallengeType
syncDomain: CustomDomain
instructions: [DNSRecord!]
certificate: Certificate

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

CustomDomain.domain ● String! non-null scalar

CustomDomain.cnameTargets ● [String!] list scalar

CustomDomain.ipTargets ● [String!] list scalar

CustomDomain.isApex ● Boolean! non-null scalar

CustomDomain.disableCertManager ● Boolean scalar

CustomDomain.certManagerChallengeType ● CertManagerChallengeType enum

CustomDomain.syncDomain ● CustomDomain object

CustomDomain.instructions ● [DNSRecord!] list object

CustomDomain.certificate ● Certificate object

Member of

ClusterCustomDomain object ● ClusterDomains object ● CustomDomain object