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input CheckPriceInput {
teamId: UUID
source: RepoSourceType
installation: ID
owner: String
repo: String
dockerImage: String
volumes: JSON
ports: JSON
replication: [ReplicationInput!]
cpu: String
gpu: String
memory: String
dedicated: Boolean


CheckPriceInput.teamId ● UUID scalar

CheckPriceInput.source ● RepoSourceType enum

CheckPriceInput.installation ● ID scalar

CheckPriceInput.owner ● String scalar

CheckPriceInput.repo ● String scalar

CheckPriceInput.dockerImage ● String scalar

CheckPriceInput.volumes ● JSON scalar

CheckPriceInput.ports ● JSON scalar

CheckPriceInput.replication ● [ReplicationInput!] list input

CheckPriceInput.cpu ● String scalar

CheckPriceInput.gpu ● String scalar

CheckPriceInput.memory ● String scalar

CheckPriceInput.dedicated ● Boolean scalar

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